18 Apr 14 at 6 pm

If I don’t get a chance to get a tattoo for my birthday I feel like I’m going to cry with frustration! 7 years between tattoos is not freakin’ cool, man. I know what I want and I just can’t hold out any longer.

18 Apr 14 at 4 pm

Please please please don’t eat that crap in front of me. If you knew how hard it was, you simply wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t do it to you. I wouldn’t put you through that if it were the other way around.

On bad days, In one ear I have my depressed, apathetic, worthless, tired and broken side telling me not to give a fuck, and just eat junk, it’ll make me feel better, even for a minute but in the other ear the depressed fat girl that I really am is screaming that she can’t take not even another day being this fat, disgusting mess any longer.

If you knew how hard it really was for me you just wouldn’t eat that shit around me. It’s cruel. It’s like an alcoholic fresh out of rehab being at an open bar.

Just because I’m eating healthy doesn’t mean it’s easy. Every time I eat or don’t eat I have to consciously make the choice. It’s every single day. Every single meal. Every single morsel of food that passes me by. It’s so hard and I just can’t keep being around the disgusting food that made me this fat in the first place.

So, please. Don’t eat that stuff in front of me because even though I’ve tried explaining how it makes me feel, you really don’t know how hard it is..

18 Apr 14 at 2 pm

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Zana Bayne — Leather Vertebrae/Skeleton Harnesses

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